bramshott grange now open

In the grounds of the beautiful Renaissance village Bramshott Place, the home over looks 5 acres of meadow. With accommodation over two floors, the home enjoys views of the South Downs.

The fully interior designed home has accommodation over two floors with additional facilities on a further floor.

The home is surrounded by a large landscaped garden. Rooms on the ground floor have access directly into the garden via a patio.

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The home has the following facilities:

Interior designed throughout


Private dining room




Jacuzzi baths

A dedicated Activities Room

Beauty Salon

Large gardens

Private patios

Wifi throughout

As with all Mayflower Homes, Bramshott Grange offers an all-inclusive service.

The Home Director - Libby Barrett

Libby has worked in health and social care for over 35 years and has led nursing homes at a local, regional and director level and supported the commissioning process for new homes.

She has experience as a General Manager for a number of Care Homes as well as being a business develop manager for an NVQ and training centre and a consultant for the learning and skills council, looking at new types of worker roles.

Through the diversity of her career she has shown a strong passion to improve the lives of those she has supported and she has developed excellent leadership and operational skills.

We are extremely lucky to have a manager with such experience and who shares our values.